Call to action

Summary Version

Not everything recommended in Changing Directions, Changing Lives can be accomplished at the same time, and each government will have to set its own priorities for acting on the Strategy’s recommendations. However, there are critical factors that will help to determine Canada’s success in achieving change.

A common vision and direction for change are needed, and Changing Directions, Changing Lives can become the shared blueprint that enables the combined effect of everyone’s efforts — large and small — to contribute to system transformation.

Committed leadership at many levels is required. People with lived experience and their families must work together with governments and leaders from many sectors, both public and private, to achieve the common priorities presented in this Strategy. In its capacity as a catalyst for change, the Commission will work with stakeholders to build on existing initiatives and identify opportunities to accelerate the adoption of this Strategy.

The mobilization of the Canadian public to take action on mental health issues is essential in order to ensure that mental health remains a high priority for action by both the public and private sectors.

Partners for Mental Health. [1]Partners for Mental Health has one focused goal: to catalyze a social movement that will empower individuals and organizations to take action to improve mental health. As a catalyst for change, Partners for Mental Health will be an important vehicle for the general public to become involved and engaged in supporting the Mental Health Strategy for Canada. Partners for Mental Health was launched in April 2012 as a national non-profit organization, established with support from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

There is a growing sense across Canada that the time to act for mental health is now. Changing Directions, Changing Lives will help to turn our aspirations for change into reality.


For a full version of the Call to Action, including the Funding Proposal, download the Strategy.


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