What considerations were taken?

We all encounter challenges to our mental health and no-one is immune from experiencing a mental health problem or illness, regardless of age, occupation or background. The Strategy is for people living with the full spectrum of mental health problems and illnesses, no matter how complex or severe.

Addressing the wide range of mental health needs for people of all ages and all backgrounds across the entire country requires a balanced approach to mental health policy and to the allocation of resources.  More investment in mental health is required in order to achieve the kind of change that is needed but we must also utilize existing resources more effectively and efficiently.

We cannot simply be reactive – reducing the long term impact of mental health problems and illnesses requires greater attention to mental health promotion and mental illness prevention. At the same time, we need a balanced and coordinated approach to meeting the needs of all people living with mental health problems and illnesses – across both institutional and community settings.

Change is a gradual process and putting the Strategy into action cannot be done all at once, but working together we can bring about real transformation.